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Plastic Coating Machine


Type: Plastic Coating Machine

Substrate: Steel

Condition: New

Video outgoing-inspection: Provided

Machinery Test Report: Not Available

Marketing Type: New Product

Core Components: Motor, Pressure vessel, Pump

Coating: Vacuum Coating

Color of Plastic Coating Machine : Silver, Gold, Black etc.

Stainless Steel Sheet Type

Hardware Jewelry Ion Coating Machine, Evaporation Vacuum Coating Machine - Yishuyuan Coating Machine


    Mode Dimension LH-800 LH-1250 LH-1416  LH-1618
    800*1000mm 1200*1500mm 1400*1600mm 1600*1800mm
    Coating mode and main confirguration Eight multi-arc targets Twelve multi-arc targets Fourteen multi-arc targets Twenty multi-arc targets
    Power source Electric-arc power, Filament power,   Pulsed bias power supply
    Process gas control Mass flowmeter + Electromagnetic ceramic valve
    Vacuum chamber structure Vertical side opening door, pump system postposition, double water cooling
    Vacuum system

    Molecule pump +Roots pump +Mechanical pump(5.0*10 -5 Pa)

    Diffusion pump +Roots pump +Mechanical pump(5.0*10 -4 Pa)

    Workpiece baking temperature Normal temperature to 350 centi-degree PID control, radiation heating.
    Workpiece motion mode Public rotation Frequency control: 0-20 rotation per minute
    Measure mode Number display composite vacuum gauge: from atmosphere to 1.0*10 -5 Pa
    Control mode Manual/Automatic/PC/PLC + HMI/PC  four choice of control mode
    Remark We can design the dimension of the equipment according to customer's special technique requirement


      The principle of Plastic Coating Machine is based on cold cathode, self-sustained arc discharge plasma evaporation, ionizing materials, combined with pulse bias technology to improve the energy and activity of deposited particles, and enhance the performance of metal surface coatings.


      Plastic Coating Machine can be used for metal thin films, such as TiN, TiC, Zrc, CrN, Nickle, Cr, Cu, etc., and can also be used for other compound thin films, such as multilayer superhard films, multilayer films, etc. The composite film and the titanium nitride film are good.


      Features of Plastic Coating Machine:


      1. Double cathode, intermediate frequency sputtering technology, advanced printing control system.


      2. The production process is fully automated and continuous. The temperature of the electroplating workpiece can reach up to 350℃, and the temperature control zone can be adjusted.


      3. The vacuum chamber material adopts SS304, and the vacuum chamber wall polishing adopts wall spray polishing bead processing.


      4. The vacuum chamber is separated by an independent main.


      5. Magnetic transmission is adopted to ensure the stability of transmission. The whole production line is driven by VVVF speed-adjustable motor with adjustable speed


      6. Electrical control system: film touch screen and PLC automatic control, man-machine dialogue to realize data display and operation control


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  • Plastic Coating Machine

  • Plastic Coating Machine

Hardware Jewelry Ion Coating Machine, Evaporation Vacuum Coating Machine - Yishuyuan Coating Machine

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