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Glass Bottles Vacuum Coating Machine


Type: Glass Bottles Vacuum Coating Machine

Substrate: Steel

Condition: New

Coating: Vacuum Coating


Dimension(L*W*H): Customized Size

Certification: CE

Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant

Control System: Manual Automatic All-in-One

Application: Industries

Color of Glass Bottles Vacuum Coating Machine : Silver, Gold, Black etc.

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Stainless Steel Sheet Type

Hardware Jewelry Ion Coating Machine, Evaporation Vacuum Coating Machine - Yishuyuan Coating Machine

  • About Glass Bottles Vacuum Coating Machine:


    Mode Dimension LH-800 LH-1250 LH-1416  LH-1618
    800*1000mm 1200*1500mm 1400*1600mm 1600*1800mm
    Coating mode and main confirguration Eight multi-arc targets Twelve multi-arc targets Fourteen multi-arc targets Twenty multi-arc targets
    Power source Electric-arc power, Filament power,   Pulsed bias power supply
    Process gas control Mass flowmeter + Electromagnetic ceramic valve
    Vacuum chamber structure Vertical side opening door, pump system postposition, double water cooling
    Vacuum system

    Molecule pump +Roots pump +Mechanical pump(5.0*10 -5 Pa)

    Diffusion pump +Roots pump +Mechanical pump(5.0*10 -4 Pa)

    Workpiece baking temperature Normal temperature to 350 centi-degree PID control, radiation heating.
    Workpiece motion mode Public rotation Frequency control: 0-20 rotation per minute
    Measure mode Number display composite vacuum gauge: from atmosphere to 1.0*10 -5 Pa
    Control mode Manual/Automatic/PC/PLC + HMI/PC  four choice of control mode
    Remark We can design the dimension of the equipment according to customer's special technique requirement


    Yishuyuan Glass Bottles Vacuum Coating Machine


    Evaporation vacuum coating machine is a process in which the substance to be filmed is placed in a vacuum for evaporation or sublimation, so that it will precipitate on the surface of the workpiece or substrate.


    The principle of resistance evaporation coating of vacuum coating machine: It is the process of sublimation (evaporation) when the solid material becomes liquid and then reaches the boiling point by the resistance heat generated by the current passing through the tungsten twisted wire.


    Glass Bottles Vacuum Coating Machine


    The evaporative vacuum coating machine heats the raw material to be formed into a thin film in a vacuum chamber to vaporize atoms or molecules from the surface to form a vapor stream and enter the solid (called substrate or substrate) surface to condense to form a solid thin film. Regarding the shape of the evaporation source, according to the nature of the evaporation material, combined with the wettability of the evaporation material, it can be made into different forms and different evaporation source materials can be selected.


    Evaporative vacuum coating machine is the most conventional coating machine, and its daily applications can be seen everywhere, such as our daily use of tableware, home furnishings, decorative parts and ornaments, etc., almost all use the evaporation coating process, because the evaporation coating process is mature, so the evaporation coating process is mature. There are also many manufacturers of vacuum coating machines, and the cost is relatively lower than other types of vacuum coating machines. The following Huicheng Vacuum Editor will introduce the principle and process of evaporation of the evaporative vacuum coating machine in detail.



    Evaporative vacuum coating equipment: used for coating on decorative accessories, such as mobile phone cases, watch cases, spectacle frames, hardware, and small accessories.


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  • Glass Bottles Vacuum Coating Machine

  • Glass Bottles Vacuum Coating Machine

Hardware Jewelry Ion Coating Machine, Evaporation Vacuum Coating Machine - Yishuyuan Coating Machine

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