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PVD Coating Machine


How PVD Vacuum metalizing is done?


Parts are sprayed with a basecoat (becoming obsolete in new technology with highly polished molds using amorphous materials).

Parts are racked, racks put into the chamber, the chamber is then sealed.

Argon gas( or other gas) is introduced into the chamber in a continuously flowing manner.

Electricity creates an active Argon plasma field in front of the cathode. (The cathode is an assembly which contains magnets and provides a mounting for the target - a plate of the material which will be deposited. The magnets are located behind the target.)

Stainless Steel Sheet Type
Hardware Jewelry Ion Coating Machine
Sanitary Special Coating Machine

Hardware Jewelry Ion Coating Machine, Evaporation Vacuum Coating Machine - Yishuyuan Coating Machine

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Hardware Jewelry Ion Coating Machine, Evaporation Vacuum Coating Machine - Yishuyuan Coating Machine

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