What organic solvents are used for degreasing parts of the coating machine?

  Organic solvent for degreasing parts of coating machine




  1. Degreasing effect: It can achieve a good effect of dissolving grease and other organic compounds.




  1. Degreasing function: used for cleaning of non-alkali-resistant parts (such as aluminum, etc.). Aviation gasoline (with less impurities) is usually used.


  2. Nature and characteristics: flammable.




  1. Degreasing effect: C?H?O has a strong degreasing ability and can be mixed with water and ethanol in any ratio. After the vacuum equipment parts are degreasing with acetone, they should be dipped in absolute ethanol and then dried.


  2. Nature and characteristics: flammable.

What organic solvents are used for degreasing parts of the coating machine

  Carbon tetrachloride


  1. Degreasing effect: CCl? is almost insoluble in water, but soluble in ethanol and other organic solvents.


  2. Nature and characteristics: Toxic.




  1. Degreasing effect: C?HCl? is safer than gasoline. It can dissolve paraffin, mineral oil, rubber, resin and other substances well. But C?HCl? cannot be directly heated by flame; dark glass bottles are used for storage of C?HCl?; if there is acid on the parts, they should be neutralized, and if the parts are wet, they must be dried and then cleaned with C?HCl?; C?HCl? cannot be used For cleaning aluminum parts and alkali metal and alkaline earth metal parts. After cleaning the vacuum equipment parts with C?HCl?, they can be cleaned in deionized water, then dehydrated with absolute ethanol, and then dried in an oven (70°C~80°C).


  2. Characteristics: non-burning.



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