What are the pollution sources of vacuum coating equipment?

  Vacuum coating equipment is composed of many precision parts, these parts are produced through many mechanical processing processes, such as welding, grinding, turning, planing, boring, milling and other processes. It is precisely because of these tasks that lead to The surface of equipment parts will inevitably be contaminated with some pollutants such as grease, grease, metal scraps, flux, polishing paste, sweat marks, etc. caused by processing. These pollutants are volatile under vacuum conditions, which will affect the ultimate vacuum of the equipment. 


  In addition, the vacuum pollutants caused by these mechanical processing adsorb a large amount of gas in the atmospheric pressure environment, and in the vacuum state, these originally adsorbed gases will also be released again, becoming a major factor limiting the ultimate vacuum of the vacuum system. For this reason, the contaminants must be removed before the vacuum coating machine parts are assembled.

What are the pollution sources of vacuum coating equipment

  In the process of using vacuum equipment, its parts will be contaminated. However, this source of pollution is mainly caused by the conditions of use and the vacuum pump.


  1. The filament of the vacuum gauge tube evaporates under high temperature conditions, which will cause a film to form on the ceramic insulator, which will damage its insulation strength to a certain extent, and also have a certain impact on the accuracy of its measurement;


  2.Due to high temperature evaporation, a metal film will form on the surface near the filament of the electron gun in the vacuum;


  3. Due to the sputtering of the workpiece, the inner wall of the ion beam etching equipment will be contaminated by the spattering material;


  4. The inner wall of the vacuum evaporation coating equipment will be contaminated by its evaporation target material;


  5.Vacuum drying system is often used, which will be contaminated by evaporated substances;


  6.The diffusion pump oil and mechanical pump oil in the vacuum coating equipment are a major source of pollution.After the coating machine works for a long time, an oil film may form inside the equipment.


  In summary, the vacuum sanitation of the equipment involves various aspects and links such as vacuum equipment, vacuum system, vacuum process production, etc., and involves the requirements of the vacuum coating equipment itself and the use conditions of the special vacuum process. Therefore, vacuum pollution is worthy of being Pay attention to the problem, because these pollution will affect the performance of the equipment, you should pay attention to cleaning work regularly or at any time.



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